shopping mall in the city

almost every week i will go to the shopping mall, not for shopping, but for my wife. you know women always like shopping,:) so I want to take a photo to show a mall, but it is hard for me, because it is too common for every one. Until one day, I find a new angle, (use my old camera Rolleiflex 3.5F) see the photo.

© Eprom

Photo credits: Eprom.

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February 25, 2008


Thanks, :) it is a good solution:)
it is not fish-eyes lens. it is 120 film camera, 6X6cm, Rolleiflex 3.5F.

February 25, 2008


looks like taking with a fish-eyes lens? Interesting.
Sometimes I have to go shopping with my wife, just like you. I found a way to wait her: stay at TV corner to watch football matches. :)

February 22, 2008


thinks for all.:)
to Penelope82, you are not lucky.:)

February 21, 2008


a day was in a mall and I wanted to take some photos, but the clerks stopped me right away shouting that it was forbidden to take photos of the windows!you took a good photo, congrats!

February 21, 2008


Very interesting angle

February 21, 2008



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