Short walk in Algarve

After spent some time in Hungary's capital and with weather forecasts, let's go to an other dimension of life. Imagine soft, sandy beaches, great coastlines with huge cliffs, clear turquoise water, friendly, you're not in Caribbean area, you are in Portugal!

Mediterranean street in Portugal

Portugal - what's in your mind first, when you hear about that country? A small land somewhere at the end of Europe; hmm, they had an Expo in 1998 in Lisbon; Porto is famous for wine; Estoril has a Formula-1 event every year...aaand Portuguese people have the most wonderful coastline and beaches in Europe!

Lagos beach scene with grottos

Coastline of Atlantic ocean - horizontal

Algarve region can be found in South-Portugal. Central town is Faro, where you can find an international airport and some industrial areas. Miracle is began not far from here, in southernmost region. Only 40 minutes away from the Faro airport, Albufeira has been the most popular holiday destination in the south of Portugal since the 1970s. It has wonderful narrow streets and old churches, but it's a little too popular a girl like me. :)

Coastline of Atlantic ocean - horizontal

The next jump from Faro is Portimao with its large port, and plenty of markets and shops. Great for souvenir-buyers. :) Ah, and has a beautiful suspension bridge and some beaches, too. Paradise for nature lovers is in Lagos and far beyond it. I've spent almost a week there (arrived by bus from Lisbon, that's an other story :)), and I'd like to live there...or at least come back for a while! The town itself is a small, typically mediterranean village with a beautiful golden church (Igreja de Santo António), ancient city walls, great authentic restaurants - and almost 70 sandy beaches! You have no enough words to write it down, no enough skin for tanning, no feet for sand....I can't help, I'm in love with that!

Portugal beach

Fishing boats on sea

Of course, if you'd like to see more than beaches and tanned people, you can take a ride for dolphin watching or grotto-tour (grotto means those beautiful stone arches and formations you can see on my photos) with a small fishing boat. You should visit Sagres and its wondeful lighthouse at Cape St. Vicent, the most sout-western point of Europe, and the old fort of Prince Henry the Navigator(on Ponta de Sagres). Nowadays Sagres' beaches become more popular, not only for sunbathers, but for surfers, too. You can rent a car and visit red walls of Silves, small villages of Monchique mountains, and watch the surfers at windy beach of Carrapateira...I hope I can see and smell the Atlantic ocean again in Portugal one day!

Fishing boats on sea

Atlantic ocean in Portugal

P.S.: You can see the whole collection here. (still working on it...)

Photo credits: , Aginger.
  • Aginger
I've started photographing a few years ago with a compact cam. In 2008 november I decided to buy a DSLR cam, and I chose a Pentax k10d. Now I'm upgraded into a Pentax K-3 for more details.

I rarely use hard Photoshop effects, I'd better see the real world in my photos.
My main interests are travelling and towns - and nature, of course. I think I'm good at nightscenes - however, I don't like to take photos about people, so my pics sometimes seems a little static - mainly for Stock photographing, but I don't give up. :)

Lots of my photos are based on Raw files so if you need it just contact me by adding a comment on the image and I will upload it.

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Thank you, Dgitalg! I have one or two pics from Cabo da Roca, too, but same category like these...taken with a compact cam, so not professionals for stock...
Portugal is wonderful! I've spent 2 weeks there, one in Lisbon and around (Sintra, Cascais, Estoril, Cabo de Roca ), and one more in Algarve. I'd like to see Azores, seems breathtaking, especially on your photos... :)


I forgot to mention ... Ever considered Azores? Islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, Portuguese islands ;)
I've been there for a week last year and I'm in love. I want to get back for more!


Hello! I think I've left a line about your Algarve photos before, but you came back :) nice pics!
I live in Lisbon and have been in Algarve only a few times, but this kind of shore line you can find closer to Lisbon, near Sintra! It's the shore line of Sintra, not the town but the "concelho" (something like county). Look for "Cabo da Roca", the most western spot of Europe (main land) and if you want to walk a bit you might find Praia da Ursa, where you can walk in the sand if you get there on a low tide ;). I have been walking with some friends a bit to the north of that place last saturday and I have some photos from other walks that I might upload sometime this year!


I've been on both places...Sintra's forest is magnificant! I'll try to upload some shots from there, but I've had a 6MP compact cam with me there,so more post-processing is needed...and well, all these photos is taken by a 6MP compact Casio 5Mp is not so bad ;)


I would love to but unfortunately I am still with my 5MP old olympus cam!
Good for family shots only... :(
There are many good events to shoot for editorial in Portugal!
I don't know if you have been in CASCAIS and SINTRA!
Can you imagine how many photos you can take


Thank you for your comments! Mani, please shoot tons of photos and let me see them on DT ;)


Wonderful images of what im sure is a beautiful place to see for real,great blog! Best Wishes.


it is truely a beautiful place! Great pics too!


Beautiful images! I love little coastal towns and rocky beaches, must be the romantic in me :0)


Wow beautiful images, good for travel magazine, really nice.


Beautiful images!


GREAT views of my country, yes I'm drooling some :P
Very beautiful blog ;)
I'm going there next month, good luck with the photos.
Cheers ;)