Should I do more, or is the subject exhausted

When I started doing this, 3 whole weeks ago. I was able to take pictures of dice and playing cards and poker chips in different arrangements. I was excited that these we accepted. My big question is how much is too much? how do you know when you've done enough.

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February 05, 2008


No subject is ever completely exhausted so long as there is a creative mind looking at it.

February 05, 2008


Thanx for the advice. I like the subject, I just not sure I'll get many more accepted. I will try some of your suggestions.


February 04, 2008


If you yorself feel the subject is exhausted, then maybe it is. I had placed a couple of small suggestions in your other post regarding gaming. Try some dramatic lighting with shadows, maybe get some smoke in there in a dark atmosphere and backlight it. I like to use cigars for smoke, and you need to shoot quickly befor thngs overfog. I would also mabe do a queen of hearts corner closeup with red chips in the background. Maybe prop the card and try and suspend a few chips. Even though the queen shot may be more geared towards Valentine's Day which is coming up soon, it is also generic enough to be of value year round.

When you concentrate so much on one subject, it can leave you strained for ideas, so maybe put the stuff away for awhile and try something else. Your overall success will be in part dependent on a varied portfolio.

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