Showing meat

For most of my friends and knowing me people, raw meat seems to be disgusting in simply way showed, red piece of some animal body on the plate, with white veins, bloody and wet.

Yes it can really look disgusting when we put it this way, for me it is not a problem. I eat meat in my meals and I understand from where does it come from, if you eat it and prepared in some meals you have to know how it is really looks and it is not suppose to be problem for you. Most of my friends that have a problem with that, simply become vegetarians but still they say that they have to look at it, so how to show meat in some special way that could be interesting for everybody?

I find and choose some photos that are showing this subject in some other way. First one is more obvious, piece of red meat with some kitchen accessories in back on dark background, looks pretty well, meat seems to be asking to do some delicious meal.

Second one is photo showing silver forks with little piece of meat on it, very cleanly look.

© Yulia
My favorite one photo (added to collection Unique my favorites) hanging piece of meats on rope with blue sky on background, and light behind, funny, surprising way to show meat even my friend vegetarian smile when he saw this photo.

Photo credits: Galanter, Petarneychev, Julija Sapic.

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