Side by side with lizards

After the purchase of a macro lens at the beginning of this summer, I needed "models" to picture at. As spending much time in countryside I noticed a small family of lizards living in a flowerbed. Often I saw them having sunbath at a yellow-green bush. Then I decided to pick up my camera and try to get nearer to them for photography purpose. As you see, I succeeded. Actually it was easier to get close to them as I thought. They did not seem to be afraid of me at all, if you move very slowly. I took many pictures of them over several days until the baby-lizards got older and independent of their parents. When baby-lizards got older, they did not spend much time with their parents any more. Therefore a "family-pictures" were harder, if not impossible, to capture. As I find a photos of just a single lizard are not so attractive, the great lizard-season was over for this summer.

The name of the lizards I managed to capture is Common Lizard in English or Zootoca Vivipara in Latin language. They are a Eurasian lizards and live farther north than any other reptile species.

Do you want to picture lizards as well? You should look for them at sunny days as they love to have a sunbath. Why? Well, based on Wikipedia's database, in early spring, late autumn, and cool summer days (or in early mornings) they bask in the sun to reach their optimum body temperature, which is about 30C. [lightbulb goes up] Oh, then that's the reason why I didn't see them any more last week - average daily temperateure exceeded 30C and which meant they did not need to warm up as they were already hot ;). And i tought I scared them away. Fortunately not :)

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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August 02, 2010


Wonderful shots and colors! Congratulations!

August 02, 2010


Great shot!

August 01, 2010


Great shot!!

August 01, 2010


Thanks for the tip! :) Great photos!

August 01, 2010



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