Sierra is a Golden Eagle that is a rescued animal and is now an Embassador for her species. As an Embassador her care takers will bring her to different Bay Area schools and share about her and her species. Sierra was hit by a car and lost her right wing and now lives at the SF Zoo since she can no longer be released back into the wild. Even though she can not fly I have been told that she has no problem catching squirrels when she is in the flight cage.

I was shopping at Whole Foods today and while I was waiting to check out I noticed a familiar face on the cover of Bay Nature Magazine. I opened up the magazine to see if I was correct and it turned out it was her. I was quite surprised that I was able to recognize that it was Sierra. I have recognized many mammals that I have photographed but this was the first when it came to a bird not knowing the location the picture was taken in. I do have to admit Sierra is one of my favorite birds to photograph because she is a really beautiful bird.

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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I love animals and love your shots.


Thanks :) If you do get a chance to take your kids to the SF Zoo you can find Sierra in the Children's Zoo along with other rescued birds of prey


I hope I can take my kids to see Sierra at SF Zoo. Your pictures and introduction are very good.


Thanks everyone :)


WOW! You have some beautiful images of her - she looks majestic and powerful.


I love looking at your images. They are always tact sharp and make you feel like you could climb into the frame with the subject. Very nice.


She is indeed quite beautiful -- what a fun surprise to recognize her image in the publication!

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