Silence Is Golden

Silence is golden. Really! When working from home, one must learn to make do with the resources available at hand, unless of course, the will and the wallet are high and deep, respectively. My very own challenge was reaching silence nirvana but happily, solution was just an "adventure" away… ( read more…)

Photo credits: Leonardo Cortes.

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Hi Seema, thanks for the props and same luck to us all in 2010! :)


Hey Dragos, yep I did get to the silence nirvana I was looking for and beyond! As I said in the article, when I'm away from the computer for a while and the monitor is off, when I'm back I have to check the power led to see if it's on or off because I simply can't hear it! :)


Absolutely loved your baby koala image. Congratulations on having a wonderful portfolio. Good Luck for the new year :)


so, did you reach silence nirvana? I like your illustrations. Have a great 2010! Dragos


Thanks a lot, Frantab01. Indeed I have some clients in the stationery and decoration industries. :)


what a fantastic port - you're very talented - i can imagine alot of your images as wallpaper or printed paper - well done :) and happy new year


Thanks, Melonstone. To be frank, I kind of like it myself too... one of those I'm especially proud of... :)


I like your Swan Lake seamless design - very nice.

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