Silhouette as expressive means of a drawing

illustrators very much love black colour because it the main drawing colour and without it they cannot manage.

Question: is the silhouette a shadow? Is that so? Not always. The silhouette is similar to an object shadow but falling shadows change depending on position and object illumination. Recollect summer a midday sun and a shadow running ahead or behind us. She does not repeat our figure. it's a shadow, a modified silhouette. And in a silhouette the main thing is the truthful, expressive image characterising the form of object.

What is the silhouette?

The silhouette is the plane image, a working method, means of art expressiveness, and also a drawing kind. The silhouette phenomenon can arise and in the course of perception of volume forms depending on illumination. The silhouette is similar to an object shade. Quality of a silhouette is used by artists in all art forms. In a silhouette of a figure or subjects are drawn by usually continuous black stain on a light background or white on a dark background.

Portraits make in the technician of a silhouette, as a rule, in a profile. It is possible not only to draw silhouettes, but also to scissor out.

Silhouettes were known in Ancient China, Japan and other countries of Asia. Unusually graceful silhouettes with the cut most thin details were used at shadow theatre of the people of the Ancient East. In Europe as an independent kind of a drawing silhouette art was generated in first half XVIII centuries in France.

Where we now meet with silhouette images. Film is a positive and a negative, photos, pictures of artists, advertising in magazines and newspapers, logos, emblems and etc.

From history we learn, that the silhouette is a surname of the person, the Frenchman. Called him Etienne de Silhouette. It was the marquis and the Minister of Finance. The silhouette was notable and rich but very few people loved it.

And here once early in the morning there was a newspaper with its portrait. The artist has represented his head in a profile in the form of a shade. At the minister and so there was a long nose but the artist has decided to joke and has drawn it even more long. But the people buying the newspaper have all the same learnt the Minister of Finance and cheerfully laughed sticking with a finger in the newspaper. From this case such images also began to name silhouettes. There was it almost 200 years ago.

Silhouette images began to become fashionable. To order a portrait to the painter it was very expensive, and to have own силуэтный a portrait for the smaller price many wanted. Such portraits decorated walls of the rooms and the offices. Silhouettes decorated a caskets, a vases, a ware, and a umbrellas.

All aforesaid allows to draw a conclusion. The silhouette is one of the strongest, bright, truthful, and expressive means of a drawing. With its help it is possible to characterise a human figure or a portrait, to allocate it among other figures and subjects.

Photo credits: Indos82.

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