silhouettes made easy

We've all seen the growing trend of silhouette illustrations that are appearing everywhere these days. It all started off with apple using it to promote the ipod and has now been grabbed by everyone that wants to sell something. They're everywhere! TV, magazines, internet and now they're taking over the stock sites.

Have you ever looked at these images and thought to yourself WOW that look's so cool but way way out of my capabilities? Are you sure? Something so technically beautiful doesn't have to be so technical or even in the slightest bit difficult.

By following this online tutorial

silhouettes made easy

You too can have images like the great ones created by Kjpargeter, Halilo and Andresr.

Hope you enjoy it.

Go make something cool and post the results here.

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Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Kirsty Pargeter, Scorpion26.

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October 09, 2007


Excellent, Let us see the results if they get accepted?

October 09, 2007


cool one
gonna try this one at home
Have so many pictures where the light is not good enough but where pic further is perfect for this kind of illustrations :D

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