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Similar images refused... good!

A while ago I had one of two images refused because they were two shots of the same subject with just small change in the angle of the shot. I was dissappointed, even angry! Those two images had been accepted everywhere else... how could that be!

Now, a short time after this, I have a level two image and I just hope it keeps selling. It has to be the fastest level two I

Now I

Best regards,


Photo credits: Ariel Martin.

Your article must be written in English

December 14, 2009


yes,thought the same...although I haven't a level two images yet! :-)

December 14, 2009


Nice photo.

December 13, 2009


great blog, will def make us think twice - it's better to have quality than quantity :)

December 13, 2009


Well Ariel, it's how our clients think

December 13, 2009


And You think that there is no such -second- similar image in DT database? ;)

December 13, 2009


very good point! thanks for sharing :) it's a super image!

December 12, 2009


You make a very good point, the 2 images would be competing with each other and on this site, it does make a difference with the levels system. Thanks for sharing your insight.

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