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I made this pictures in bad weather, and I didn't liked sky without clouds and colors and I didn't want to make in black and white.

© Sarkao

So I tried play with photoshop. Here is way how to make simple color efects like this.

© Sarkao

1. open picture and make new empty layer and add mask

2. set layer blending mode on difference

3. fill new layer by color (red makes green effects, blue makes yellow..).

4. Set layer opacity between 5-20%

5. Use curves for set contrasts

6. You can use layer mask for hide some areas of color effect and repeat this steps for different color efect.

© Sarkao
© Sarkao

Photo credits: Sarkao.

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June 08, 2012


Thanks.... nice shots

June 08, 2012


You have created a waste photo to change the ways and means for the wonderful photos.
Thanks for sharing!

June 08, 2012


Thanks to all :)

June 08, 2012


Such blogs adds to our post processing knowledge. Thanks for sharing. very useful blog, when you have some cloudy gray photos.

June 07, 2012


Thanks for info, beautiful images!

June 07, 2012


Your images are great. Thanks for sharing.

June 07, 2012


beautiful model of a strong girl ...

suitable for retro-card

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