Simple Color Scheme

When my writer and I walked into the stadium where we will interview and shoot Smart Gilas Coach Toroman, I knew right away where and how to shoot him.

The red seats on the bleacher would make an excellent element for the portrait. His wearing a blue jersey put the icing on the cake.

I got the idea for the color scheme from the small Philippine flag printed on his jersey and figured I could/should use that for his portrait.

To stick with the color scheme I had in mind, I drowned out all ambient light by setting my shutter speed at the highest sync speed. Placed two strobes to cross light our subject and gridded them both. Both strobes were set at 1/4 power output since I wanted to open up my aperture for a shallow depth-of-field.

You can view the blog about this here

Hope this helps. Happy shooting!

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Photo credits: Junpinzon.