Simple Lighting Set Up

2011 has been great! Lots of firsts and great opportunities! Let's all wish everyone an awesome and productive 2012!

For my first blog entry this year, I would like to share how I lit for the images you will see below.

My client asked me to photograph their past awards and trophies with some drama in the lighting. Not really sure for what they'll use if for but that's really beyond my business.

This is really simple, I used two strobes here and zoomed both to 105mm to produce small beams of light (I didn't bring my grids for this assignment....tsk tsk!)

For this layout, I placed one behind the trophies (you can actually see one strobe head through the tear-drop-shaped trophy) as my backlight. This was set at the lowest power output. The other strobe was placed at camera left and set at its lowest power output also. Here's the set up.

In the next layout, I simply changed strobe placement but both of them were still set at the lowest power output and both were still zoomed to 105. I rearranged the trophies in this manner and shifted to a high camera angle. The strobe at camera right was meant to create those shadow and the other was just to give light spills towards the back of the trophies. Here's the final image and below it is the set up.

You can see the blog and the images here

Hope this helps. Happy shooting

Photo credits: Junpinzon.

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