simple lines

We always wonder why our pictures don’t get sold but others have all the luck.

© Nruboc
When I first saw this picture I thought, “who would want to buy such a picture” I mean this gives an impression as if the lady is running with the basket trolley in an aisle in the supermarket. Nobody would like to do an advertisement showing that a lady has to sprint across with a basket trolley.

But I was so wrong, when I saw that this picture has reached level 4 and downloaded 44 times !!

The best way to have good sales is to upload pictures/sketches that are in demand.

Easier said than done. How do we identify the selling products.

I found that simple sketches with a few lines do get downloaded many times. For example this simple sketch of a foot:

or a few scribbled lines here and there and this wine glass reaches level three

© Oha

A few neat lines and what a chef

.....with 95 downloads.

Simple line sketches are what some buyers are looking for.....

Isn't this better than a photograph of a lady singing at a real live show

I think customers are looking for simple neat figures.

Photo credits: Oleksandr Kovernik, Connie Larsen, Elena Volkova, Mikessssss, Stephen Coburn, Oxana Lebedeva.

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Thank you)


I might try it too , they are really simple and nice :)


Great tip, I might try it, thanks for sharing.


Thanks good article!! Not everyone knows that the point-the line of view from the side! Simplicity is key to success!


......all of which goes to show that sometimes LESS is indeed MORE!!!!!


The first beautiful work.


Interesting !


great tips... thanks for sharing.


Yes, simple is good.


Great article thanks for shearing


Buyers many times look for a concept that we photographers don't always see or catch... It is a great idea to see other portfolios to see what is needed.


Simple concepts are useful when you consider they are probably only one part of an overall more complex design.


there is a lot of beauty in this simplicity, especially in the wine glass.


Great illustrations and article! Thanks for sharing and reminding!

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