Simple but strong

Simple but strong

If you think it is difficult to earn some money try not to think so hard. Ok, you must think of course but usually all the good ideas are also the easiest ones. You can just try to think what people may need and how they are going to use your work. I realized many people use bar codes for posters, books or some other design works so I decided to create many bar codes for different purposes. For love, for print (like CMYK or RGB) or something else.

Just create it in high resolution so designers can use it for all kind of works.

Of course that is same in photography, try not to create chaotic photo, create it with lot of free space so designers can cut your object from photo and use it, or just to put it in their work as it is in original shape. Remember if you are not doing vector picture, you must think of colors white balance and background. For those who are first time here I have one tip. Do not mix day light with indoor light. Day light is balanced at 5600K, indoor light is usually 3200K if you mix it you'll get color dis-balance. K is sign for Kelvin (color temperature of light). If you are shooting outside you can use 5600K bulb to flash or light your object without color dis-balance.

Here are examples for 5600K and 3200K

Best regards

Boris Kocis

Photo credits: Boris Kocis.

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hehehe :) that's true :)))


thanks for reminding, sometime we just see to far and forget to look at our feet.


thnx :)))

@Trottola , thnx for portfolio but I have more to learn :)) and to work :)) but one day ;)))) hehehehe thnx for support :))


Thanks for sharing!! : )


I agree: creativity is the strongest instrument! You have a great portfolio,congratulations ;)


thnx :)) and your welcome :)) as somebody sad Gens Una Sumus ... We are all one family. :)


Great article! Thanks for sharing!


thnx :)
that's right :)) just be creative :)) ;) and you can do anything :)


Nice images, creativity is the key!!!


thnx people :)) I'm glad you like it :)) ;)

All the best :)


great insight thanks for sharing!


Nice variety of shots & illustrations! Good luck :)

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