Simple vs complex

As I do mostly illustrations, I'd like to share my ideas on this subject. When you think of an artwork or series, one of the issues you need to consider is the following:

- How simple (or how complex) should my illustrtation be performed?

The simpliest

© Fmng

Of course, what can be simplier than one-colour artwork? Silhouettes and illustrations in one line look stylish and they can be well bought for T-shirts, package or souvenir design because they are cheaper to print.

From simple to complex...

... is one step. Because some graphic artists create very difficult and detailed shapes (as the "Atacking Eagle in Flames 3" by Vallentin).

More complex

Next level is a picture which includes several plans. For example, the artwork "Cook" by Agau includes two plans: the girl in the front and the soft background. The "Profession Set: Photographer" by Ultrapop includes three plans: foreground with the grass, the main one - figure of photographer - and background with tree silhouettes and sky.

© Agau

The other layer in illustration industry belongs to hand-made artworks which can be bought for a postcard or poster. As for me painting helps if you need to relax your soul, when you are tired to work on the computer. Also it helps to develop colour vision and feeling.

Those artists who found their own style are best-sellers. Why are still you not one of those?

Photo credits: Agau, Dejan Savic, Elena Ray Microstock Library © Elena Ray, Loke Yek Mang, Ultrapop, Clipart Design.

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February 24, 2010


you are awesome, congrats !

November 24, 2009


Interesting perspective, i guess it's much easier for an illustrator to put it this way, although it is pretty much the same thing with photography too. Useful input, thanks.

August 05, 2009


Conceptualcreations. thanks a lot!

August 03, 2009


You do awesome work! This is why I added you to my favorites. Great article, keep it up!

August 01, 2009


Some objects are simple objects, meaning that they can be built in a single operation, without editing. Other objects, meaning that they require either a combination of polygon creation tools, or editing or both. Some forms of dinner plates or a saucer from a cup and saucer pair are excellent examples of simple objects. These types of objects are built from a single profile curved rotated 360 degrees around an axis. a more complex objects is a fork or a spoon. In both cases, there is a difference between the shape of the handle and the business end of either instrument that requires more than one tool to create. But it is still in the taste of the one who is seeing it. I don't hate the complex Kandinsky or grand religious pieces of the Renaissance, but I just prefer a more simple approach to things. Creating a complex is a hard and extraneous work. it is not like that of that of fast cash.

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