Sister with severe scoliosis

Hi guys I just joined dreamstime, I'm hoping it will be a good choice as I am really interested in taking photos. In these down times, my little sister has recently been diagnosed with a severe and rare case of scoliosis. The doctor had told us that cases would be classified as severe once the... I don't how to say it, bending of her bag was 45 degrees. They had later informed us that my sisters spinal chord was at 55 degrees, very severe. She will be missing months of school due to her surgery that she will have sometime between thanksgiving and christmas. We were informed that the pain level would be a 9 out of a 10 being the most painful scale. She is 13 years old and just made the cheer team which is her passion as much as photography is mine. Because of the seriousness, our doctor is letting her participate in any activity possible before the surgery as she will not be able to move the same way for a long time. To keep spirits up I included a photo that a dreamstime user has taken that illustrates caring hands and I am hoping this post will spark positive comments so i can show her how much people care.

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November 08, 2012


That`s a very sad story! I hope she will get better soon!

November 07, 2012


Best wishes to your sister and all your family.

November 05, 2012


So sorry to hear about your sister illnes, God bless your family, all the best!

November 05, 2012


I really wish she gets well soon... My best regards for you and your family.

November 05, 2012


I am very sorry to hear of your sisters illness. I hope that your family remains strong to face the future of the surgery and pain. Please remain positive Jackie and sister because you are obviously very close and with the love and help of a strong family your future will have the best possible outcome. My best wishes to you all. :)

November 05, 2012


Everything will be okay. God bless her!

November 05, 2012


I wish she will get better soon! I hope doctors will find the way to help your sister!

November 05, 2012


Jackie's sister: keep your hopes high as you will certainly get through this phase. As hard as this will be, you'll be the same girl who's so loved by her sister :) All the best from Lebanon!

November 05, 2012


I want to recover your sister! hope to see her smile on your images.

November 05, 2012


Wish she will get better, too. I believe that people like her can really do this and have very good results, as they are more motivated. Of course that not only people in sickness but I think that they might be a little bit more talented ;;) Good luck.

November 04, 2012


Wish she get better soon! You are a good brother/sister! Your pictures are very nice and unique. I like the colors and compositions.

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