Six months in...

Well I have been submitting here at DT for 6 months and thought I would write a blog about my experiences...

My first image on line was a picture that I took last summer without any incling of submitting it for stock but t got me on the line and started my journey


Since then I have submitted 441 pictures (not counting those that are in the queue) and managed to get 286 of those accepted AR64%.

It was difficult to get images accepted when I was starting out with me receiving a whole host of rejections for poor lighting, not really all that surprising as I was only using my built in flash on my Canon 450D, although with a little practice and a lot of playing around I did manage to get a couple of studio type isolations out of it.

I was fairly apparent very quickly thought that I needed much better lighting and not just for studio isolations, for pretty much everything so I invested in a couple of old speedlights and remote triggers and my acceptance rate has increased as I have become more confident in using them.

My latest acceptance was our little duck that hatched a couple of days ago that we are having to hand rear as the poor mite was rejected and being pecked by every beastie we own!

Sales for me have been very unpredicatable but I have now reached 43 although it did take a couple of monhs to get any at all but the overall trend seems to be in an upward diretion and this was my latest sale


I am not really one for setting firm goals for things like this but I am looking forward in anticipation to the next six months and lots more good quality content and if things go well one or two more sales :D

Photo credits: Llareggub.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks to you all again :D


Great job! Congrats!


Great work,I should learn from you.


Very impressive for only 6 months ... good luck in the future


Thank you all for the kind coments, I am very happy with the direction that things are going in. I have learnt to adapt my style to a more commercially focused one over the last 6 months but the lessons keep coming :D

Still need to work on diversity though!


Great job , Keep up the good work.


For a six month period you are doing very well (and in the right direction)
Keep going.


Great job, congratulations!!!


I Like !




Well done....Great job !


Congratulation ... Great job !


You have a great portfolio! I love the little cute ducklings!!!!!!!!


Well done, your work is great.


The last image is very nice, good luck for your sales!


Your work is great...very impressive ............ lots of images lead to exponential growth in income. David.

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