Six More Up, Six Down!

I opened my iPad this morning to find that I had six more photos approved! Looking further, I realized that six were also refused.

The refusals don't bother me, because I really appreciated the feedback. I didn't really expect to get as much helpful advice from the refused files!

So, all in all, I'm thrilled!

This is one of the approved photos:

Upstate New York Barn

It was not cropped the way I'd like, but I can't get my iPad to behave and set it right!

Photo credits: Sarah Ray.
  • Rayzer1
  • Columbia, United States
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November 11, 2014

I like it! You did good!


November 02, 2014

Great, the good thing is to learn from refusals...


October 29, 2014


I like your lovers trees photo really nice


October 29, 2014

Beautiful captured. the place look very quiet.
Keep it up. Cheers.. :)