size matters ?

I use a sony a-700 with 12,2 megapixels at the moment.Is it an advantage to have more megapixels (bigger format / full frame) or perhaps a disadvantage if you have pictures twice as big for having better sales ?

Photo credits: Egon Zitter.

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More pixels allow to size down the image to get a lot better detail in the result image for example 18 to 10, what I used to do. I have another 10MP camera and it's a real difference between true 10 and 18 to 10. Of course it depends on the image, some doesn't need that trick, if the detail isn't important.


I don't think that mega pixels make any difference on same sensor, apart from ISO performance.
But full frame does - gives shallow DOF and different perspective and more vignetting and more expensive lenses.


My personal feeling is that megapixels matter most for backgrounds and textures - where there are lots of options to choose from. While I assume buyers would always prefer more megapixels, all else being equal, I haven't noticed any particular relation between the megapixel size and sales. A case can be made that you need at least 12MP - 12MP is enough to snag the 'maximum' size, so any more megapixels doesn't translate into a larger size for sale.


I couldn't say, but wondered as much. I'd imagine it might make a difference on rare occasions but 12 megapixels should be plenty for most applications. Larger files do allow one to crop more and still have a decent sized image.

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