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Some weeks ago I got this image of a beautiful sky accepted. I know there are thousands of pictures of a sky, however when I saw this beautiful sky one morning in September this year I could not resist. (thanks to the reviewers for still letting it through!) I live in a high-rise building so I could take a picture without any obstacles in the way. What makes this shot special is the use of a wide angle which I can highly recommend for shooting images of the sky. It often captures well the impression we see in a sky but that we miss later on a photo. I used a Canon EF-S 10-22mm lense.

The image has actually already been sold a few days after it appeared online :)

Photo credits: Intrepix.

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December 09, 2011


It is very beautiful.

December 08, 2011


Very Nice !

December 08, 2011


Is a nice sky!!!

December 08, 2011


Clouds are a tough subject to get approved. The reviewers MUST have seen potential!

Good luck!!!!!!

December 08, 2011


Everyone reading this has just walked over to the window and looked up a the sky. ;-)

December 08, 2011


It is a beautiful image, you will have good luck with it.

December 08, 2011


A beautiful sky!

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