Slavery Management

I partially started spiritual counseling and healing since December on That was after a very long break that I again started working on the site till I am ready to launch the site back commercially! Getting back to the point, since my initial sessions since 10 years back till date, I found that there is a lot we all have to do with slavery. 90% of problems around us are our perceptions and those that really exist are due to the indirect service we are providing others without questioning.

The definition of Stable life has become stable income, stable emotions, stable relations and all other stable things of comfort and luxury that keep growing. We are no longer happy with bread, shelter, rest and sex. We want everything in a lavish way. Many want to use a blackberry as a status symbol not even knowing what BB services are really about. If there is an I-Pad then many don’t even know the existence of a tablet thanks to the marketing of apple Inc. Many buy windows computer not knowing that they are only buying a PC with windows loaded in it. Many are working for a an established firm and are not knowing that they are only providing a service that they are capable of. The credit of working in that company is the credit of the owners who made the brand worth buying as well as to be worked for. Many are doing business with esteemed clients and expanding their ventures totally forgetting the peak they really wanted to climb.

No doubt that most of us have become slaves of money and the majority of them will claim that its because of the pressures in life and not to mention the demands put up by ‘loved ones or not so loved ones’. There are unthinkable definitions of stability or what a decent income should be. We have our own cravings and own dreams and we need finance for that too if not for luxury, in that case we are doing something else to finance that dream (like I am doing photography). I do many things which I don’t want to do so I can party on weekends, buy new gadgets or new equipment to support my business and ofcourse to support family. But finally we are not just being slaves of money, we are being slaves to people, systems and even things that are providing us not a good amount but just a dime.

I couldn’t do counseling for 4-5 years blaming on my financial or emotional state of mind. I thought I had a huge responsibility to pay of the loans, have a decent lifestyle and be stable financially. Getting back, I realize I could have been much more stable if I hadn’t done the things for money that I have. It would have kept me in control, kept me fearless against blackmailers and mainly focused on what I wanted to do all this life.

Regardless of the bosses, family or any people that influence and pressure us considering their special authority in our life, we should never forget that if they are demanding things more than they promised to… then they are exploiting us. And slowly whether they want to treat us slaves or not, we start giving them the habit of using their power and authority in a wrong way by behaving like some downbeat slaves. We start providing them with service that we never guaranteed because they have been promising us of a better tomorrow or better relation. The contracts we pull have clear terms and conditions which guarantee our legal stand, but they do not talk about the extra services we provide out of own desire, due to greed. To illustrate this, take an example…

Two friends start a business one as an investor (X) and one who is actually going to work (Y). This understanding is verbal in between these friends. They start the business. Initially Y who is supposed to do all the work insists his investor friend X to bring in some referral clients to get the launching power for their business. X agrees and delivers some contacts on which Y starts working. They initially share the decided profit of 50%. Then Y suddenly realizes that he is doing a lot more job than X is. Despite of knowing the fact of the incapability of being an investor Y starts demanding some more involvement from X. X initially agrees to do some work in hope for the business to increase and hence more profits. Y unknowingly registers in his brain than X has fallen for his earlier complain, so there is more complain coming up of inflation and costs to run the company. X starts getting pressured but is unable to leave the company considering his investment. He has to wait till the investment is returned.

With new demands from Y for a new office infrastructure, phone lines and equipment to enhance company profile infront of new clients X falls in with investing more money securing loans from elsewhere. With new loans that have been invested in a company where he had not planned to work X knows that to recover the money he has to invest his efforts, since he is going to loose money not Y. Y starts getting involved in other petty jobs for his extra incomes and starts ignoring his company knowing that X will work anyhow to pay back his loans. X starts getting irritated and decides to settle the issue with Y, the reason he had decided not to work in this company because he had his own existing business to handle. When confronted Y says to X that due to his financial situation X imposed the workload on him taking disadvantage. Y blames X for negligence and the existing state of the company and has created enough false evidence to prove in the court that X had blackmailed him into the workload commitment using financial power.

In the end X keeps working till his loans are repayed and till he reaches a no profit – no loss situation. Y starts taking the credit for the company’s growth and credibility in the market. X decides to mutually close down the company to avoid future problems.

In the above example, X didn’t just suffer losses due to Y’s intended and non-intended actions. X actually suffered from losing out on his existing business not being able to give it time to support the new one which acted as an extra earning. Though financially X did get cheated and ended in a loss than Y did, what X lost was his confidence, self-esteem and the power to stand up and invest in a new venture with a person who might be better than Y. Though X was in a position to dominate or stay in his own position X fell in for the perks or the hope for more performance and more profits from a venture that was new to him. He got blinded by the quick profits which were due to Y’s skills but failed to understand Y as a person who could change with greed just like X did.

Did Y win or not would be a stupid question. If X could invest and got cheated, Y’s reputation would surely suffer a backlash in the long wrong from the people they know and of course the people they don’t know that were watching them. Y would never have support or trust from X ever in life. If Y was really unintentional in all his moves, his own guilty conscience will keep him away from asking any favors to X in future. In the other case if Y intended his every move or was adviced by someone to take these steps he is bound to be more confident to cheat the next person he can trap.

The problem with this kind of a story is that we ourselves see it happening everyday around us or with ourselves. Like X we keep our mouth shut, our desires hidden, our risks taken for financial hopes not really calculating what is happening with ourselves as a person. I myself have suffered such situations but fortunately learned to come out of it. If there are people trying to wrongly pressurize you due to their authority or relation, learn to manipulate them into their own trick. Don’t be scared about the blame game they might try to put in public because their supporters will always be people that they just met, everyone else will always know the right/good person. No law can make or break a business/personal relation. So fearing such a law which supports their false allegations makes no sense, if the law is weak enough to support their false allegations it will be weak to support your false allegations too if you plan to make any.

Life is about a balance. People who take a beating choose to do it blaming it on various causes like I mentioned above. The blaming should be first pointed to us. If someone is accusing you falsely of something try to reflect that accusation back without doing anything false. Be strategically strong and morally right in life, this will save you from the worst punishment of regret or guilt. If someone does hurt you beyond limits and you get fed up with the lies, get back to them by proving their accusations right. For whatever the ways you need to be strong and confident. If you are scared of a system, situation or a person that is making you sad or helpless then there is no way you can ever be happy. Revenge is never preached by saints and preachers, I am just a man…. But I preach revenge. History has proved that Revenge has been the only reason behind huge successes. Revenge also has helped calm down frustrated and angered souls which were tortured by others. Life is about a fight and survival right from the basic stage of evolution. We still carry that reptilian brain within us which serves as the deepest part of our brain. IF we deny our own depth we will perish in the world of morality which is ruled by people having no morals. Don’t rule if you don’t have qualities of a leader, choose to follow.. but don’t ever be slaves to any living being, existing system or definitions of good life created by a society which had the time to define those.



Photo credits: , Nikhil Gangavane.

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March 04, 2011


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