Sleeping Beauty

We are waking from infinite layers of dream, only to find we are waking from a new dream. Dreams lost in realization, dreams slipped away in time, dreams shattered by alarm bells... There is nothing to leave behind in the sacred process of disillusionment. Awake.

Photo credits: Elena Ray Microstock Library © Elena Ray.

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August 06, 2010


Very great photo! Thanks for sharing.

August 03, 2010


Reading this post - I start understanding what it takes to make outstanding photos. It's not just lighting, camera settings and quality control, it's more about what the photographer sees and feels about a story. There are photos that are technically perfect, have colors and shapes - but simple images, with less megapixels, no controlled light and props attract much more attention. And I think that happens when a photographer has a story to tell and manages to convey it through an image.

August 03, 2010


What a great photo! :) Cool!

August 03, 2010


I agree with Mani!

August 02, 2010


Nice shot! It's the right place to dream! ;)

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