The sleeping beauty in chaos

I was encouraged to write this article, I thought I can do it too, I have so much to say, and I know exactly what I want to say, I want to tell you about a recent visit to an abandoned factory in the place where I live; being there made me feel many feelings mixed happiness, sadness, and above all a huge curiosity to know how everything ended in ruins? It was a gradual process, of course everything happened slowly before the eyes of many who simply stopped looking in the place Right.

bushes around abandoned plant

I am one of those who think that beauty is a relative term and it is in the eyes of each observer, taking into account a series of personal values ‚Äč‚Äčthat allow him to consider it beautiful for himself. Within the destruction, the wear of the years, the abandonment of the materials to the elements of the rain and the wind and of course also of the hand that steals and helps more to the chaos; you can find beauty.

Reflected in small details that steal our sight, that tell us in our heads here is a good shot, or the color of that flower among the broken crabs is exuberant.

Bougainvillea flowers in abandoned factory scrubs

Within the ruins, of the destruction there is beauty, hidden details like small treasures, that are there waiting for an expert eye and a lens that wants to immortalize them in a click.

The tree that was born because a bird transported its seed, in the midst of chaos, triumphantly rises like a colossus, and stretches its branches to the sky, bringing beauty to the solitary and quiet of an environment that declines and dies.

Forms and colors that emerge from wear, silent witnesses that accentuate with the passage of time, which threatens to consume everything.

machinery in disuse, before a productive tool

Until the rebirth arrives, until the recovery arrives, the work that brings back the noise, the machine that works, the chimney that heats and smokes, the grinding of the flour, the noise of workers who come to inject life, and maybe they are witnesses or not of hidden beauty

If they take a small space and stop to see all the details that I found, maybe they give me the right, and go find a camera or better still activate the camera on your mobile to catch something that caught your attention.

Factory, abandoned machinery

For the moment all that beauty is there kept, sleeping, growing like wild bushes in the middle of machinery that is asleep.

Photo credits: Jenny Pereira.

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June 27, 2018


Seems like a nice place. There is something special in it. Jenny, I would also highly appreciate it if you took a glimpse at this

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