Slow month

Is January normally a slow month for sales? I have had zero so far this month in spite of uploading around 40 with a 94% approval rate. Maybe my bird/nature photos are not something being bought on Dreamstime? Any other nature photographers having success? Maybe its the subject matter?

Appreciate any advice from the members.

Photo credits: Neal Cooper.

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January 15, 2010


Take time, I have a small Portfolio with 109 images now. Most of them where Uploaded after august 2009. 25 sales. Last sale december, first one today this year. Good news: Most of them Non subscription. Don't focus on views, focus on sales, sizes and prices, but in the end: Focus on shooting and improving yourself.


January 15, 2010


The first half of January is always left overs of the holidays :))
I hope this second half it will get better... I'm having it within the average though I can't complain much! Good Luck All ;)

January 15, 2010


Same here, very slow month in DT, but we have to learn to be patient Microstock can not be seen day by day. Also with small portfolios there is not really too much we can do, competence is harder every day, first among Agencies, then among photographers submitting high quality content.

January 15, 2010


As a newbe, I wonder, is January always slower here on DT?

January 15, 2010


Same here ^^

January 15, 2010


Same here, very low sales. Only one sale compared to 10 in december, witch always is a slow month!

January 15, 2010


Extremely slow for me too... I've not been here long enough to know if January is always like that, though, but it's my worst month so far.
Your photos are great, but I think there's a lot of competition in this area (have you checked the competition on the search engine?). Some photos of the same subjects sell really well but I suspect they've been there a long time. Just as you must have a lot of patience to take those great pictures of wildlife, I think one needs a good dose of patience to achieve good sales in stock photo :-)

January 15, 2010


I also think its somehow slow, few views, few sales... sleapy month?

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