Slowly Coming Back

My last blog article was back in March talking about how I had major surgery on my foot and I would be taking a long time to recover and I would not be able to do photography during that time. My surgery on my foot was to fix a dislocated Tendon that was completely flat and to remove an extra muscle in the foot. I'm still recovering since I still have a pain in my foot from the surgery and my foot still gets really tight. It took me awhile to learn to walk correctly again by having Physical Therapy and I am glad that I am at the stage of the recovery that I do not need Physical Therapy anymore. Now I am on my own when it comes to the rest of the recovery and that will heal up eventually but I have to watch myself cause some times I agitate the foot.

Now to the photography. I'm slowly coming back to doing photography now it is just me getting use to the weight of the camera and figuring out my foot stance. My foot stance was a big thing for me with my photography and since the surgery I can not hold my ground quite yet but I am slowly getting there. Plus the weight of the camera at this moment gets me a little tired out. I know eventually every thing will come back to me. The past couple of weeks I have gone out and done a little bit of photography and I am still reviewing most of the photos trying to decide which photographs I want to upload. I have uploaded one photograph so far from one of my outings which was approved today.

A little info on my recent photo uploaded:

Back in December I blogged about the SF Zoo having a baby gorilla born but the mother Monifa wanted nothing to do with the baby. The Zoo Keepers took care of him for several months and then introduced him to a surrogate mother named Bawang. It took several months during the introduction and training of Bawang with the baby gorilla since the keepers still have to bottle feed him before they would even introduce him to the public. The baby gorilla which they named Hasani meaning Handsome was introduced to the public about a month ago and he would come outside with Bawang and his auntie Zura since he was not introduced to the rest of the of the gorilla troop when he was first introduced to the public. Last week he was finally introduced to the rest of the group and he is now outside with all of them.

Here is Hasani sitting in the grass. I love watching this little guy cause he is so adorable plus it is interesting to watch how the other gorillas react with him. I have not seen him yet since they introduced him to the rest of the gorilla group but hopefully some time this week I can go back and see how his father, another auntie and his real mother handle being around the little guy.

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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Oh, the baby gorilla is so cute!! Glad you are recovering - sounds like it was a pretty major surgery!


Thanks again everyone :) Being able to go out and do photography again has been a thrill for me since I was cooped up in an apartment for several months after my surgery. Getting use to doing photography is slowly coming back to me but I know I will get there eventually back to my old self. I'm trying to exercise at least 3 times a week and go for 30 minute walks a day to help with strengthening the muscle in my leg and foot which has been helping me to recover quicker then they expected. The doctor told me the pain in my foot and the numb feeling I have with the nerves will eventually go away but it might take several more months but at least I am recovering to the point of no more physical therapy and I do not have to go back to the doctor again unless I feel like some thing is wrong.


Great shot and glad to see you back! I hope you have a quick recovery and are back to your old self again soon.


Welcome back and I hope you continue to recover quickly! Your portfolio is top shelf and I know you will be adding more like this to it real soon.


Great to see you back again, Susan. Hope you have a very speedy recovery and we start seeing all your new stuff coming in again.


Get well soon and good luck, cheers :)


Welcome back! He's such a cute little baby gorilla. Good luck with your recovery :0)


Nice to hear that you are getting back to the camera again. It helps to have a project you can work on as you recover.


Thanks everyone :) I'm slowly getting back to photography since I get tired very easily still but I at least go out once a week for about a month now to work on my photography and get use to handling all the camera equipment again. I'm hoping that in a month I will be fully back up to speed but trying to make sure I do not over do it.


Welcome back! Great shot, cute little fellow.


Welcome back and good luck with the recovery!


Welcome back, missing u greatly. Take care.


Welcome back Susan, good to hear that you are recovering! Looking forward to seeing many more shots of Hasani. Best wishes!

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