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I'm relatively new here and probably have the worst online files to sales going but i plan to keep running with it...

Since i started taking photography seriously at the beginning of '09 i have just dumped all my pictures onto various external hard drives with the odd shot reaching flickr etc.

I decided to go through them all from the beginning and gradually upload them (is worth a punt eh?) in the hope that people will eventually buy them. i have sifted through the first 250gb today and now only have 1.5tb worth of files to go aha.

i just hope i dont end up wasting my time... i guess it makes sence to go through these before i take photos specifically for stock, right?

are all my tags etc looking ok too?

Photo credits: Phildaint.

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January 01, 2012


Excellent images Phil, all the best to you in the New Year and good luck on your sales.

January 01, 2012


It is very good!

December 31, 2011


really nice pictures!

December 31, 2011


Great collection of photographs you have. Good luck and welcome to DT.

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