A small boy named Danny

Once there was a young boy who was happy with his parents who named him Danny.

Every day was a happy day for Danny and his mother baked a special cake for him on his first birthday. He relished it but could not eat much (to his sister's delight)

As he grew up he had a special affinity for nature and spend most of the time talking to trees

or like Tom Sawyer he spend time at the nearby brook fishing.

At the end of the day he used to come home tired and hungry and his mother used to bake a nice dish for him and serve it fresh and hot.

He started going to school and his teacher used to make him read out stories from the text book to the rest of the class

Slowly he got used to the habit of reading and started reading story books at home too.

The stories that he used to read started putting ideas into his head and used to fantazise about the things that he would be when he grew up.

One day he took his snorkeling kit and went to the nearby river to explore the water.

While snorkeling he imagined himself in a small dinghy floating in the water and a young girl appears out of the water and looks at him adoringly.

He almost fell in love with this girl, but soon realized that it was a mermaid that was trying to woo him. He did not want anything to do with girls who did not have feet so he snapped out of the day dreaming and walked back home.

On the way back he saw a man with lots of muscles and was going in the opposite direction. He wondered how this man had lots of muscles while he did not have any. He turned around and slowly followed this man, who went into an out house. When Danny peeped in through the window he saw that the huge man was lifting up some weights and was cursing under his breath.

The weights were so heavy that the bar holding them was bending. Danny was mesmerized and wondered if he too would put on muscles by cursing and lifting heavy weights.

The mean looking man spotted Danny peeping through the window. He dropped the weight and came charging out to catch him.

Danny ran for his life but the mean man could run faster and he . . . . . . . . . .

To be continued in episode 2

Photo credits: Danilo Sanino.

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February 26, 2011


Thanks all for the comments and appreciation......
Part II is following shortly as I am tapping away on my computer:

February 24, 2011


Nice! great story!

February 24, 2011


What a great story! And very nice illustrations! I´m waiting for episode 2 ........

February 24, 2011



February 24, 2011


It is very good.

February 24, 2011


Beautiful story and illustrations! You should publish a book!

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