A small boy named Danny (part -II)

continuation of the earlier blog

Broken arm - boy

Danny ran for his life but the mean man could run faster and he caught up with Danny and gave him a good thrashing.

It was so bad that he had to go around the next couple of days with his hand in a sling.

Poor Danny never knew what he did wrong except peep into that window, but he decided that he would have to grow up fast and develop a good muscular body like that man (in case he ever had to face a situation like that)

He tried to join a gym but was advised against it as he was too young. So he took up sports activities in his school and started off with football.


But he never forgot his love for nature and would disappear into the nearby jungle to spend time with his special friends namely the squirrel and the woodpecker and the owl.

Funny animals on branches.

Once he was a little older he went to the school of martial arts to learn kick boxing.

Martial art pose.

When he found the instructor over there delivering real good and vicious kicks, he decided that this was not what he wanted.

So he took up Karate classes to learn self defence.

Baby Karate Player

Meanwhile his first love for reading books continued and he used to get transported to another world whenever he read books.

Story book

Funny pirate

He imagined himself as Long John Silver holding up that mean looking man by his hook and tickling him with his sword.

Or may be he would be the next Lancelot and chase the mean looking man . . . . . .

Knight and Horse

He decided that he had to stop day dreaming and concentrate on his studies or else he was not going to get anywhere. To improve on his concentration he used to visit his neighbour who practiced Yoga.

Yoga Positions

Danny was told that among other things, Vrikshasan was good for meditation. He had to stand still on one leg as long as possible, like a tree (Vriksha = Tree)

Meanwhile he excelled in his studies and had many friends in school.

Trekking boy and girl.

One of his friends was Tina, the girl from the next block with whom he used to go trekking on weekends.

Danny helped at home too and used to run errands for his mother.

Once his mom asked him to go to the big market and get the supplies. Even though Danny was not sure of the way to the market he agreed.

Peasant with wheelbarrow, vegetables and fruits.

Luckily for him he spotted a Peasant who was pushing a wheel barrow. The peasant gave him the right directions and he reached the market.

When he reached the market, he realized that he forgot to take the shopping list.

Vegetable family.

Was he supposed to buy the carrot? Or was it the Tomato? Did mom mention Onion and capsicum too?

When he looked at the vegetables he found them speaking to him with a smiling face “buy me buy me”

Vegetable family.

He got so confused that he bought all of them. At the end he hoped that he had a wheel barrow like the peasant had to cart it all home.

As he grew up things started changing. Gone were the days of walking up to the market to buy the vegetables.

Shopping trolley

Instead he found himself pushing the trolley in the super market which was “conveniently close by” (and the vegetables were no longer smiling at him)

Boy and computer

He found that small children spend more time on the computer than playing outside in the open ground.

He missed his animal friends and the trees. He missed the brook where he could spend hours together just lying on the pier and observing the fish (and sometimes talking to them)

Landscape with water.

He missed them because all these were replaced by the concrete jungle.

Big city jungle

Photo credits: Danilo Sanino, Zbieg2001.
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Great illustrations and story


March 01, 2011

Great illustrations and a really cute way to present them. Keep up the good work!


March 01, 2011

Thanks all for the comments and appreciation. Very much appreciation.
By the way all the pics that I use in my blogs are not mine but other DT members.
I just pick up what suits my story. It works both ways. They get good publicity for their pictures and my story looks interetsing :-)


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Great illustrations , great story, will have great sales !


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Great! Thanks for part 2 of the story!


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You will have great sales with these images...


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Great Illustrations!! ^__^