A small gadget for every moment

My shopping list of gadgets to buy sounds like a lady's list of shoes and bags to buy! Almost every day something new to add on the list and eventually to buy! haha

Added on my list lately is the DJI Osmo Pocket!

I think it's a very unusual camera for those who like to document anything anywhere...

1. It's a pocket size camera. It's really a relief not to carry cameras and heavy equipment and still you can shoot amazing moments.

2. It's equipped with a stabilizer, so say goodbye to Blare Witch Project style to film an adventure.

3. It has great focus while moving thanks to the smart object detector and follower!

4. You can take nice clear night shots, so it's not a camera for day light ONLY.

5. With the underwater kit you can use it underwater so no fear of wet conditions!

Now let's put this in practical photos how that small equipment can be so handy to shoot for stocks...

Photograph or film kids playing...

Happy kids running and playing game outdoors

Take fully focused shots of your pet playing fast

Little black and white dog running around in shallow waters.

Enjoying an adventure in the air

Riding on a zip line

Or underwater


Taking a good shot with the landscape after a hard climb

Discovery Travel Destination Concept. Hiker Young Woman With Backpack Rises To The Mountain Top Against Backdrop Of Sunset, Rear

Don't miss any performance at night...

Night performance fire show in front of a crowd of people

What else you may need from such a small gadget?!

Photo credits: Syda Productions, Kertu Saarits, Mikhail Dudarev, Rosshelen, Sergey Tinyakov, Tonyfuse.

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February 28, 2019


@Data2203 go for it! @Rbrucew lucky you and happy shooting!

February 28, 2019


Got it already. It's great!

February 12, 2019


Very interesting device. Need to know more about that! Thank you

February 11, 2019


Great article!

February 11, 2019


@Thank you so much Shopartgallerycom

February 10, 2019


Very nice article and very useful!

February 08, 2019


Indeed @Marilyngould! Thank you @FabioConcetta

February 07, 2019


Beautiful blog, very useful!

February 07, 2019


Wow, amazing that such a small devise can deliver these results!

February 07, 2019


@Draganjanovic indeed! Imagine what you can do with such a small tool :-)

February 07, 2019


Photos are great!

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