Small home studio with just a box, textile and sticky tape!!!

well...i've just created a home studio:)

lol...actually its not)its just a box with cutted walls and i closed the holes with white textile....

i went to the shop and bought a really powerful light bulb and look at the results:

the light goes from above so there you must cut the part of box too.....

its awesome!!!!like...i didnt expect so much light quility!!!!!!!!!

simple and cheap and USEFUL!!!!!!!

Photo credits: Andreygorlov.

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I also have a question, has anyone tried removing the background in Photoshop? I did because my bg was too dark. As you can guess it wasn't accepted


A light box is definately a good idea. I made one a month ago but didn't buy a powerful enough light (like Jalama1 said) either. I have to give it one more try soon with a more powerful light.


it might take a while to construct a light box, but the end results is worth it.


Good idea, I should make one of these as its a pain to always set up studio lighting just for a small shoot.


No, it's not bad! It's because I don't know where it is and for me it's much easier to take a white sheet and get out on my balcony instead of setting light, boxes and so on! But if you prefer it, use it. Maybe I will in winter, when it's cold on the balcony :))


I also made one. I used it once to try it out! And never again :))
Mani, that big one is called studio! :)))
SHusan, good idea! I have to find where the box is now and make a comfortable bed for Shaggy :) That way I could stop him biting my toes in the middle of the night! :))


Very nice!
I've tried once before (to make a light box) and I wasn't succesful. I think I didn't buy a powerful enough light.
How many watts are in your light set up?



I tried that, my cat slept in it! I bought a small one, my cat sleeps in it! I give up!!


I have to find a big one to put models inside :P
Thanks for sharing Doogiexxxx & Andrey


congrats, i made the attempt but it didnt quite work out (looked like it was made by a kindergarten class)


Brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing :0)


Nice, I made a version just like that

Cheap light tent

using basic stuff you'd find a local DIY store, all for under $50.

check it out


Very nice images for a home made studio.


You were clever, the shadows in the photo of still life are fastiose to see, you have brilliantly solved the problem. I will follow your example!


Looks great. The quality of the light is excellent. I'd be a bit concerned about the light temperature (not the heat, but whether its more blue, yellow, etc.).

Do you correct for that, either before or after taking the shot?


Great photos.I looked at the box photos below but not sure where to put the light
Thanks Debbie


Seems great idea :))
But I didn't understand the cuts you've made! Cutted walls and the upper part! What left from the box :))
As long as it works! Cheers ;)

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