A small step for DT - but a big one for me

After one year and two weeks with Dreamstime I finally reached a personal milestone with now 1000 images in my portfolio. Having had a lazy start in the first months with no experience in stock photo business at all, I started working more conceptional and spent in general more time with building up my collection.

There is still more potential. The acceptance ratio is at around 62%, the sales are just starting to kick in, with almost 300 on the record.

What I’ve learnt is:

- stick to what you like and what you’re good at, don’t try to copy others, just because they are successful in it, when you have to leave your own comfort zone;

- try to develop your own skills, try to think more in concepts and think straight and simple;

- use your home, use your environment, use the area, the region your living in, you are surrounded by endless objects, topics, themes, opportunities, moments, people, life... pictures;

- don’t get frustrated by rejections, even if they might be silly and obviously wrong (still don’t understand the reason “different images require different names and descriptions” when more than half of the Dreamstime stock, including mine, contains exactly series like that...), editors are just humans like you and me, sometimes they don’t judge your images for technical issues, sometimes it is simply a question of taste - which is fair enough, because even if it is Stock Photography we are dealing with, it is still a kind of art - and some people like this, some like that;

- upload rather less than more pictures from one shooting;

- have fun while doing it, enjoy the work and you’ll get rewarded.

I won’t bother you every now and then with another blog entry about upcoming milestones, but I will be keen and determined, I can tell you, to reach them. 2000 images online within the end of the year. At least a thousand sales within the same period, Actually, the number of sales should finally exceed the number of images.

One final remark about the people behind Dreamstime. The support team is doing a really good job. Nine out of ten times (not that I had so many complaints...) the response is prompt and helpful, the conversation is friendly - thanks a lot for that.

So, all the best to you guys and girls out there,

thanks for reading,

CU around,

best regards from Perth


P.S. That's probably the image which pushed me over the 1000 mark:

Photo credits: Robert Bayer.

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Congratulations ! Great advice for everyone. Nice portfolio !


Congratulations on reaching the 1000 I am still very far :-)


Congratulations and thanks for sharing


Congratulations! I specially like your crocodile image! Hopefully it wasn't too dangerous for you.


Thanks to everyone for the nice response and four your interest by reading my entry.

There is actually one more thing to add to my experiences. Just came across it yesterday, while going through some older files of my portfolio, when I detected a wrong spelling of a word. No wonder, that almost no one has taken notice of this image.

Well, it's really worth to refine your keywords, as one of our fellow contributors just posted in his blog. I am doing it now even more accurate than before.

All the best
from the west.... end of Australia,



Congratulations, Rob! Great post. And a great milestone achieved. You have shared good advice for everyone. Best wishes to you for your continued success. :)


Congratulations Robert!! :)


Congratulations and Good Job! I love your photo of the woman pushing the wind turbine blade. Very creative idea. :)


Very good job and interesting tips. Congratulations!


Wow, great job. Congratulations.


Fingers crossed for another 1000...s :) Thanks for sharing your experience.


Well done. A huge milesone to reach so quickly. Keep up the great work.


Congratulations Rob! Good blog post.


Nice tips and points,congrats on your milestone




So interesting.... congrats!:)




Congratulations! Thanks for useful blog!


Congratulations !




Congratulations on reaching a great milestone! I hope lots of sales follow.
Very good points in your blog.


A very good blog post! This actually made me think of things I have never thought about before.

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