Small world

The world I live in is very small. It consists of an apartment where I live and about two or three hundred meters around it where I stroll with my baby or go shopping for food and things for him. That's the story of this image.

You know why I think DT blogs are great? Because of all these photos, stories, facts that tell me there are other cities in the world, and the world itself is big, beautiful and alive, full of people, opinions, creativity and freedom. Your blogs mean a lot to me, so keep on writing :)

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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Wow, very interesting concept and illustration. The little world you drew is very whimsical!


Wow) I did not imagine so much people to find my image so good. That's a nice surprise)
Creativei, don't worry about freedom-sacrificing and all) Fathers don't have to spend 24 hours a day with their babies, so they don't sacrifice much of their big worlds ;) I think my husband's world really became bigger when our son was born.


Though I don't get out a lot these days, I consider my world very large. I have met a lot of people via internet whom I consider friends. I read the blogs here and enjoy the sharing of ideas. By the way. you are an awesome illustrator...keep up the good work!


Hey dont scare me saying that once we have children we have to sacrifice, I'm waiting to be a proud father in just about few months. And thats when my world will be bigger, thats when I have lots of freedom playing and bringing him up.


're a fantastic person!


I suppose I should try Google Earth, a great idea, thank you :) I'll begin from my favourite places, I'm curious how they look from the space)
I hope my world will grow bigger with time. But not as big as it used to be, I think. Giving birth to a baby we sacrifice our freedom, that's how it is. But it worth it. I love my son.
It's wonderful how differents our worlds are - ones big, others small. Hard to believe that in fact we share the same one :)


I used to leave in a small place. It's not easy.

Your illustration is very beautiful.

I wish you to have a wonderful life.


What a beautiful illustration - it might be an inspiration for writing a nice story. In my opinion no matter if one lives in a big city or a small town, I think the most important to find there happiness and to be able to make true some dreams! I wish you a lot of realized dreams and good luck!


amazing illustration of your world in both the image and the blog :)


What a wonderful illustration! I think, that in reality, we all live in our own little worlds. Sometimes we have to go out into the big world to work, but we all come home to our safe little world when the work is done. As long as there is peace and happiness in our lives, it does matter where we live. Big world, small world, as long as it is a happy world. Keep up the great work!


Hi Mildegard

I love your image.I live in a big world.But I have my comfort zone.Sometimes I venture out.I guess I should more,but I like comfort.HOME is where the heart is.
Take care Hugs Deb
oh yes Creativei I travel all around the world on GOOGLE EARTH LOL


Woderful image. All we need on a small territory. What do you think about additional version with a small motor on the side? :)))


I guess my world became smaller when my children were born. Only went out in walking distance with the pushchair when they were little. Didn't have as much money (down to one wage instead of two & with extra mouths to feed) For a special treat I used to take the bus to the city (35km) away and wander around the shops. Used to buy a cheap lunch at a bakery & picnic in the city park or down by the river. I haven't done that in ages. Now the kids are at school I could go again but it's not the same on your own. I lost touch with the friends I had in the city pre-kids, most of them were like me and travelled in from other surrounding towns for work. I guess I need to get out more :0)


I live in a big world! In the sense of my mind going here & there... I have a habit that some times I switch on the car & start wandering the streets at night, going to places where I never been! I keep contacts with foreign poeple... I go with my friends in a sea ride if the land is not enough! Some years ago I used to go camping with my friends & family....
The fact when I finish any of these I get back to my bigger world on the net -> DT -> Portfolios & Blogs...
Just thoughts... Nice image... Cheers ;)


Well the world I live is same as yours, but its still smaller than yours.

Yeah Maigi, even I travel around the world courtesy Google Earth


Beautiful image! Yes, we all live in your small worlds. But don't expect it will remain the same. When you kid grows older, he will expand the boarders your world tremendously. ;)) But DT is great to travel around the world and see different lands, nature, professions, homes, even personal life of different people. That's why photography is so great. :) I have also used Google Earth for my virtual travels. You can select any location and see photos and videos of that place. Have you tried it?

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