Smartphones For Photography?

Well, as we all know that smartphones from well known manufacturers with massive camera pixels are getting into market each and everyday whether they're from tech giant Sony which is my favorite brand or either they are from other manufacturers, but we can't deny or ignore the truth that cameraphone photography is becoming popular then ever.

Dear Dreamstimers, do you agree that the day isn't that much far when smartphones would replace traditional cameras because we can see that there are number of smartphone tech giants that are only focusing on smartphone camera photography?

As per my personal knowledge and observation, Sony is becoming much more popular in terms of inventing smartphones with amazing cameras lately following by Nokia that also had brought couple amazing smartphones with massive number of pixels in camera.

We should not forget that couple of Chinese smartphone manufacturers are also jumping into bandwagon of smartphones with more mega pixel.

What all these things indicate that in very soon, we will be having smartphones with huge cameras that means our traditional cameras would be left into shadow and soon they would nowhere to be found.

What do you think about it? Would you agree on this?

Smiling girls taking photo with smartphone camera

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September 10, 2014


Physi28 the phone you mentioned is truly a massive step toward smartphones camera photography. No doubt it's the king in terms of smartphones camera.

September 10, 2014


Evlguin who knew that one would use a smartphone with 6.4" or bigger than this but it already has happened and I am pretty sure that in coming years we would such a smartphones with such cameras that would replace our current professional cameras.

September 10, 2014


Gmargittai, I agree with you cause things have really been changed in past couple of years specially in electronics.

September 10, 2014


Yes, yes, I have no doubt. cell phones will replace cameras, will replace computers, it is already happening. Electric corkinets will replace cars. Block buster movies will be filmed on iphone and posted on youtube.

September 10, 2014


Although I doubt that smartphones will ever completely replace film or DSLRs, the sensor technology incorporated into todays phones allow for some incredible photography. In addition there is a wealth of applications that enhance the phones camera and aid in post processing.

September 10, 2014


Things are changing and in my opinion as far as microstock photography is referred to, smartphones can take over many areas, it will depend on which purpose the photo should satisfy. I have myself changed to smartphone photography here in Dreamstime recently (Nokia Lumia 1020). The big advantage for me is that you always carry the camera with you and it is also rather more discrete to take pictures with your smartphone than with your SLR.

September 10, 2014


Yeah, they will soon replace most compacts except the ones you can take down to 10 meters depht etc.
For full control we still need advanced DSLRs with high grade lenses and of course RAW-files...
Most smartphones works great for fast publishing on the net and even for mugshots for print. With creativity even for more advanced use, still many limits though.

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