Smiles? No!!!

O.K., I've got a few images on Dreamstime, but I buy a lot more as editor/designer of one of our magazines in the indoor comfort market. I've been running into a recurring problem in that whenever I look for pertinent images that include people, all too often they're looking at the camera and smiling!

I'm using these images editorially and that's useless to me. I need and want images of people actually doing things, not standing around looking like they're in a Macy's ad.

I realize the smile is important in ads, but it seems to me the overwhelming majority of people images include those smiles, when all I'd rather have is someone looking at a computer screen, or wiping a table or whatever—withoutout that ubiquitous grin. If we all went around smiling like that for everyday activities, they'd lock us up.

That said, how about at leas occasionally taking a lesson from the movie industry. DON'T LOOK AT THE CAMERA!

Now, let me clarify this. Yes, those happy people have their place, but when I need people who illustrate sales, or customers, I really need a photo of a person selling (say, for example, home heating equipment) to the customer—not looking at me and...well, you get the idea.

O.K. Rant over.

Photo credits: Elena Elisseeva, Imagez.


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Your article must be written in English

January 29, 2011


cheers for the insight. next load of self portraits, I will make sure no smile and not to look at the camera. .. so you can use some of my work ;)

January 20, 2011


Thanks very much for this useful advice!

January 19, 2011


Yep.. I hate to smile and shoot smileys ;) Fortunately almost don't upload photos of people;)

January 19, 2011


Good advice, good luck!

January 07, 2011


Thanks for the advice, great to have buyer input :)

January 07, 2011


Thank you! we need more buyers to tell us exactly what they want.

January 06, 2011


Awesome insight. Thank you.

January 06, 2011


I... I can't stop smiling !

January 06, 2011


I agree with this, I buy for corporate work and am always looking for more natural images and not obviously 'posed' images. Your tip about not looking at the camera is bang on the mark - only good for adverts!

January 06, 2011


Thanks,,all buyer feedback and tips are welcome.

January 06, 2011


This seems to be a very useful advise, thanks!

January 06, 2011


I must admit my shots of people looking away do better:

 Engineer signing drawings 

January 05, 2011


You are right good advice to all of us.Thanks

January 05, 2011


Feel free to browse my portfolio. You'll find a few. :-)

 Mature Senior Woman Laptop Computer House Home 

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