Smog in Moscow, part 2

Hi, yesterday at 6 in the morning I desired to visit Red Square and make some pictures of smog which covered our city because of forest fires. There was nothing to breath with, and it was very hot. I thought if I don't leave at 6, later it will become worse and instead of getting pictures I'll fry. It was strange to see that on Sunday morning metro was full of people with suitcases. Nobody slept. People were running in the direction of Komsomolskaya metro station, where we have trains outside the city. Airports now don't work properly because of low visibility and trains are the only hope to escape. When I arrived to the Red Square, it was not empty, too. People, drunk from smog, walked around and stared like crazy at what happened to our capital. Life went on. Not every year you see something like this. At 6 o'clock fog was grey, but by nine it became yellow like on these pictures.

Photo credits: Julia161.

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August 13, 2010


Already not :) Today we had rain. How little a person needs for happiness - sometimes just a good weather.

August 13, 2010


That's really horrible!

August 10, 2010


I sought the news on the tv! I hope the firefighters will turn down that big fire and you all get better!

August 09, 2010


Yes, for long vacation somewhere abroad or to non-smogy areas of Russia. But nobody knows how long it may last. In 2003 we had smog till October, but that summer wasn't so hot as this one.

August 09, 2010


It's terrible. So sad. Is there a place you could escape?

August 09, 2010


Only hope that everybody will be ok...

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