Smoking kills. Quit now!

While i was bored during my vacation i decided to clean up an old shed in a hope to find something interesting. And i did! What i found was one weird but very cool ashtray that i have never seen before with my own eye nor in TV or somewhre else. There were bones everywhere. And then the bulb went up - a perfect ashtray to use in adverts saying that smoking kills.

I blew off the dust and placed it onto a sommerhouse table outside the house. And let my dad (as i am not a smoker) to use it as a real ashtray. As soon as there were few cigarettes end i grabbed my camera i took few shots of it. And you have already seen the results. I only wish i had a super super super wideangle lens to have a better composition. But as i don't have such lens i'm still happy with the results :)

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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July 22, 2010


Oh boy I have to quit smoking :(

July 21, 2010


Great idea and just in time (when all world is talking about smoking).

July 20, 2010


Cool image/concept, but maybe isolated on a white or black background it would have more impact and foreboding feel? Just a constructive thought :-)

July 20, 2010


Great idea! this images could help who think to stop smoke!!!

July 20, 2010


Great work, nice images. I agree with you, smoking is a big trouble for human health

July 20, 2010


great stuff :)

July 20, 2010


Scaring, good idea!

July 20, 2010


The ashtray of horror! :D Well done!

July 20, 2010


Great shots! Congrats!
I`m a smoker, but I won`t quit :P

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