Snow Magic

I live in Odessa - a beautiful resort city in the Southern part of Ukraine. I think I'm very lucky I was born here because of its magical atmosphere. Once you come to this Pearl at the Black Sea, it remains in your heart forever. Usually we have hot summers and mild winters.

But this winter is special. Like everywhere all over the world - it's very snowy. And it makes me so happy! I can't explain why I get so excited about snow. Perhaps it’s a feeling of different reality, or a fairy tale, or some memories from childhood. I don’t know. But whenever it snows, I feel the happiest person in the world (apparently irritating other people, who usually don’t see anything exciting about it as they can’t get to work in time, or use their cars, etc., etc.) This winter is like a special gift with all its white sceneries, trees and passes covered with snow, ice floats on the seaside. I find it very inspiring and every day is tinted with an exceptional joy.

These are some of the pictures accepted by DT, and others are waiting its turn.

They help me to keep in memory my joy)

Photo credits: Kaththea.

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i hate winter... but i adore snow.
unfortunately, i don't have a solution . not unless someone invents a heated container for me to wear so i can go outside during the winter and be comfortable with my camera.
winter coats just don't do with me. i feel like an eskimo, or Penguin of Batman. lol.
beautiful photos of winter, Kaththea.
btw, is Kaththea your heritage country's version of the english name Catherine?


Thank you, Richard)


Thanks, Ingrid)
Barcelona is a beautiful city! With a beautiful nature and architecture. You have plenty things to shoot without snow)))


very beautiful pics!! I live in barcelona where it never snows, I would like to be able to make such beautiful pics :) congrats

I like specially the second one


2 Dan1
Hopefully you got your shots)


We're getting snow as i write this. Hopefully can get some shots in the morning. 49 out of 50 states recived snow today. Hawaii was the only party pooper.


Thanks Inga & Studioportosabbia!)
I waited for that weather for a week)


these are great! You had perfect weather too. Love that dog!


Beautiful pictures!! And great photo weather!! :)


Thanks Robert and Jitka for your kind comments)


Gorgeous images! I love winter and I loves snow... you have beautiful images of this beautiful period. I wish you to sell them many times :-) Have a nice wintery time!


Perfect! Nothing else!


Thanks a lot for your lovely comments, guys!
2 Adeliepenguin: so u know what I mean by saying we have hot summers) Sometimes it's just nice to have a rest and walk in a winter park)


Lovely! It seems that you really took advantage of the cold weather :)
Good luck with them! Cheers :)


Beautiful winter!


Nice winter images, good luck with them.


ooooo lovely ones! just recently saw / felt snow for the first time ever and it was amazing!!!


beautiful images, wish you lots of luck with sales :)


Klass! :)


I have been to your city! In the was green and beautiful, with many flowers, and hot! How much fun it is to see the snow. Thank you for sharing your winter with such lovely images. I also like the bare tree with the snow on the branches.


Your pictures are beautiful! Especially the one of the bare tree with the snow on the branches. I am with you about the snow. We just moved to Chicago from Miami, and we are VERY excited about the snow. No one else likes it, but since we don't drive here in Chicago, we get to enjoy all of it all the time. :-)

Keep up the great photos!


Very beautiful photos of winter:)

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