Snowing in Spring

© Tatianaa ( Help)
It is almost Ester and the weather was great.

There were some green grass growing, tree were burgeon, birds were singing and know everything is covering by snow. Can you believe that? I was hoping that Ester will be more like spring time, worm, sunny and happy but now it looks more like Christmas. Winter is getting to knock on my door and I am not happy with that. Was try to buy some spring jacket but now I am depressed with this weather and won’t buy anything at all.

© Artlover ( Help)
Maybe will just sit down on floor and get some fire in my fireplace.

It is crazy and I wonder what next will happened another Ice age or what I can’t wait a summer, because I think there will be no spring at all?

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Photo credits: Alexandra King, Tatiana Amrein.