WHEN IT SNOWS.....................

A few days ago, snows finally hit Geneva after a very long while.

It snowed for 24 hours. Unfortunately I have to go to work for the whole day. I was really restless waiting for the office hours to end to go shooting.

Rushed back to my house to change and collect my gears.

I was loosing the lights since its getting dark and the heavy dark snow clouds made it disappear much faster.

I was getting really frustrated and I still dont have any idea where to shoot.

Lucky for me a friend called (he's a photog too) and he suggested to meet up at the Geneve-Secheron train station to do some shooting since there will be a lot of lights at the train yards there.

Lots of snows on the grounds means more lights.

These are the photos (Editorials, RF pics still waiting to be reviewed)

So when it snows, you know what you have to do. :)

Photo credits: Akulamatiau.

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Ewapix: thank you!


nero67: Thanks!


Baldas: I wish I could be in Rome too right now! With all the snows, Rome is almost like a different city. Cant wait for your photos.


I like the Geneva Train Yard best. Fantastic light. Much better than sharp sunshine. Ewapix


Beautiful images!!!


I like very much this images with snow!! Today snow storm arrives also in Rome. I wish to make pictures of Rome monuments with snow... but I don't know if it will be possible for me: local transportations to from Rome is actually at risk.


FabioConcetta: Thanks! Glad you like it.


Beautiful series of images, I especially like the first and last!


Peanutroaster: Thanks! Europe is having a cold snap. Hope you'll get some snow soon.


Great! Like that old little switcher. Still waiting for our first big snow here in New Hampshire, USA.


M4rio1979: Thanks!


David: Appreciate it. Thanks!


Rebeccaosborn: Places we go to , to get that extra light. :) Thanks!


smartview27: Thanks!


Calyx22: Thanks! Looking forward for your tips then. :)


Egomezta:Thanks ! Appreciate it.


Mariaam: Thanks!


great images!!!


Very clever. David


Great idea of a place to shoot when it got dark! Nice pics too! Congrats


Happy for your snow !


It doesn't snow much in Saudi!!! :) But we can trade tips on snow versus sand. I would like to come to Switzerland and Austria this winter, and then I will be able to shoot in snow. They are lovely images. Best of luck to you with them.


Snow forecast here at weekend so will take your advice-love the train photos :)


Great images, good luck.


Very nice! Looks great with the snow!


Thanks Angela. Canada is cold ;) Was working in Vancouver for 3 years before. Lucky for me, not much snow there like the rest of Canada, it only rains a lot (and I do mean A LOT ).


Love the train station one! I chail from Canada, land of snow and ice! I know nhow hard it can be. Keep warm ; )

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