Snowy Mountains Adventure

For my last Xmas holiday I went camping for a week into the Australian Snowy Mountains with my adventurous mum. During this trip, which took us all around the snowies, in addition to providing many great photo opportunities I ran into Peter Cochran who runs horse treks in Kosciuszko National Park with the permission of National Parks and Wildlife.

Peter's family settled the area in the early 1800's and they have a long and interesting history, embodying the spirit of the man from Snowy River. While this meeting was incidental (he spotted me taking photographs of his beloved horses while in the paddock), we got on quite well and one thing led to another and before I knew it we agreed for me to come along to his next horse trek (all costs inclusive) in order for me to take some pro photographs which could then be used on his revamped website, also to be arranged by myself. Not being one to knock back an opportunity to spend some time with a great man like Peter, in the outback and on horseback, I was back in the Snowy Mountains after only one night Canberra with my cameras lock and loaded.

As easily foreseen, I ended up having a great time that amounted to being easily my best horse riding experience. Five days in the saddle all in all, eight to nine hours per day horse rides, cameras in hand in the fabulous high country of the Kosciuszko National Park, I could not ask for more. Peter's personal company added a lot to this, both during the rides and at the campfires where I really enjoyed his poetry with his Brumbies poem being my favourite. I was also fortuitous to be in great company with the other riders, Kate and Steve, Ian and Heather, Lesley and Jenny the cook making it extra special.

Not having visited the area for a while, I instantly feel in love with this country, a passion which hopefully some of my photography has managed to transpire. Peter's now completed and new website is at . Also several of my images have already been used in German magazines and newspapers re. the brumbie situation down under.

The following represents a fraction of what I ended up photo wise after this awesome horse riding and camping adventure:

Photo credits: Christopher Meder.

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Yes indeed Fotogeek, plenty of snow and four months of sking and snow season in fact :)


Amazing pics Chris!
Just ony question, do the mountains actually get any snow in winter?


Very nice images, love the HDR effect again, so need to start reading up on how to do this - soon!


Nice photos! It surely have been a great adventure and lot of fun!

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