So how was your July?

Month after month there is a message on DT Message Board starting toward the end of the month asking How was your ... whatever month is coming to an end. Now it is July's turn. So how was my July?

Thanks for asking. I did not sell very much but I had a very good vacation in Mexico.

San Jose del Cabo is on the inner side of Baja peninsula, very close to the southern tip. The warm waters of Sea of Cortez meet here the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. Cousteau called this place the aquarium of the world. The amount of marine life is amazing. One can see here large groupers and snappers, marlin, tuna, manta rays, coral, and sea turtles. On my second trip I even saw few sharks swimming close by, but I have no picture to prove it.

I am more of a diving enthusiast then an experienced diver. I have my open water licence but not that many dives in my logbook. Now I went there for the third time, and this time prepared with a new Canon G1X and its underwater enclosure.

The first time I was there in 2011, I had a very old Panasonic pocket camera with its underwater enclosure. I did some pics, few were accepted but the image quality was very low and last year when I went the second time I felt I need to upgrade the camera. So I bought the G1X with the underwater package. On my first dive, the camera got flooded, making it useless. I don't have any underwater picture from that trip.

Now in July I went for the third time. I bought a new G1X camera so I can still use the enclosure. This time I was very careful how I close and open the box. And YES, it worked just fine. Made quite a few pictures and movies. It was a good month.

I enjoyed this vacation while there, and now back home I enjoy it again going through the photos, preparing and uploading them, figuring out keywords etc.

I can hardly wait to go again.

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July 31, 2014


My July was with very little sales but well paid,

July 31, 2014


Excellent pictures ... I've a G1X as well but I never think that I will use it for underwater picture as I am not a regular diver. For the July sale, I may say that it is the worse since three years after a high June pick. All the best for your underwater pictures.

July 31, 2014


Great July you've got! Vacation is always fun. When it's combined with photography (I don't know it otherwise!), it's absolutely perfect. Wonderful shots. Wish they bring you good sales.

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Photo credits: Gavril Margittai.