So, this is why I'm here

I'm on Bonaire until the 31st of January working as an intern (at my age!) with the Bonaire Coral Restoration Foundation trying to put a dent in the decline of endangered Caribbean Elkhorn and Staghorn Acropora corals. So far so good, everything I've seen is encouraging a high degree of naive optimism. Sadly, the longterm picture for coral everywhere, and pretty much everything else in the sea that needs to build a skeleton from calcium and carbonate, is very bleak if we can't get are act together on CO2 emissions:

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December 04, 2016


Great photo! Only with a good Umderwater Camera, waterproof and pressure-proof, can you take such marvellous pictures!

November 29, 2016


good look mister :)

November 29, 2016


Good Luck !!

November 29, 2016


Amazing macro images ! I like coral reef world. Thanks for sharing Jeremy.
Good luck !

November 28, 2016


Wonderful this world! Thank You for enyoing this!

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Photo credits: Jeremy Brown.