Soccer's World Cup - 2010

© Dan1
From very humble beginnings

and future soccer star

and past super stars

the 2010 Soccer World cup is about to burst on the scene

© Sahua

in South Africa

along with mascot

© Velkol
some bad mistakes

and finally a winner

I never followed soccer and don't know a whole lot about it. Hopefully some will enjoy what i've posted. If you haven't already seen it i have a soccer collection.

Photo credits: Alexandre Fagundes De Fagundes, Dan1, Darek2u, Richard Lester, Markwaters, Midwestgal, Sahua, Mykola Velychko.

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You're elcome midwestgal. Hopefully more sales will come from the collection and the blog.


Thanks for including my "future soccer star" image in your blog & collection! Much appreciated!! :)


Once every four years, staying up late watching TV :))


Thanks for the kind comments. This was a first for me (a blog about a collection)0 and the collection was a first also. 220 views s far. I tried to pick the best pics and tried even harder for the comments beside them. Thanks all.


Well chosen images Dan1! I love to see international competitions & hope this year Portugal will do something! Cheers :)


Great blog.... Soccer moves many people and a lot of money. In Mexico where I live, Soccer is the main sport and people is very excited about this World Cup, everywhere you look there are signs and in TV and Radio every ad is about the World Cup.


Soccer is more appreciated than God in my country ( by some people) :P Sadly our national team didn`t qualify for this one, but still i`m gonna watch as many games as possible! Let`s hope England will win and Argentina will get the second place! Germany on third :P


Cool article with great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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