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Social bookmarking means saving the web addresses of the sites you want to remember into online sources. There are quite a few websites that offer such a service. Among them there are the web's most visited sites like yahoo or digg.

For as long as I can remember I used to bookmark the websites I liked or needed, to easily return to them whenever I had to. In the past I used the browser to do this but it got messy after a while as I always had quite a lot of bookmarks and there was no search capability at the time. It got even messier when I had to reinstall the operating system and forgot to save my lists. And there were also those time when I needed my bookmarks but was far way from my personal computer.

Then I discovered I could bookmark online and everything got a lot easier.

Apparently lot of other people shared the same opinion. Online bookmarking soon became an Internet phenomena. The sites offering this service started adding useful features like searching, categorizing and tagging. The people's bookmark lists were organized on topics. Being public, others sharing the same interests could use them, comment about them and suggest other related pages. This is called social bookmarking.

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The ability to bookmark your favorite blog articles could not be missing anymore from Dreamstime. Here is the announcement of this new feature.

You can see the little buttons on the bottom of the each blog post. We have listed there the most popular sites of the moment.

Have fun.

Photo credits: Konstantinos Kokkinis, Alessandro D'esposito.

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