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We all are aware of the latest craze on the internet about the social networking websites. Almost thousands of users are still registering on such sites every day. The leaders in the sites are now providing RSS and HTML Tags support in their messaging sections as well as in the profiles. The sites cover a vast audience of children, teenagers, adults and whatever you can think of. Maybe some crazy people will start putting up their pet profiles soon as well. Its very interesting the kind of people you meet on such websites and how it can help you.

Being in the performing & recording field, it has helped me in the long way. Already my support song for Michael Jackson called, “ The Michael Jackson Anthem” (Available for free downloads or free video of my performance , you can watch here – ) was downloaded by more than 300,000 people. It was featured on major news networks all over the world. I thought that the song must have been downloaded by almost all the active fans in the world, but that proved wrong when I joined a social networking site. Almost 70% of the fans never knew about such a song existing. The main downloaders were the media and their audience who were not even Michael Jackson fans.

Eventually I started of with adding friends with similar interests. People doing photography, music, DJ’ing, singing, spirituality, etc. That way the song started reaching the people it was really meant for. I was not expecting more than 25,000 downloads when I made it. I just made it, so that all MJ fans have something with them when they stood outside that courthouse. Anywayz I never made it there, but my song did. Later, I was preparing myself for the 3rd season of Indian Idol where I got disqualified in the first round itself, but then I understood the potential of these sites at that time, when a friend of mine started my fanclub there. I couldn’t believe the number of people who joined that and were having polls and discussions on their forums everyday. It was a heavy pressure on me, which made me give a notice before I went for the audition about how it goes. And I myself stuck up a poll there of whether I will make through or not. Thankfully majority voted that I wouldn’t and it happened. But that fanclub still exists efficiently and are a huge help in my charity concerts.

Coming to photography. I had bought my first camera, a Nikon F55 SLR in 2005. I used it quite much and learnt many things on the camera, but the world was moving digital. Traditional photographers whom I knew were suggesting me to stick to analog talking about the satisfaction one achieves from them. But I wasn’t sharing similar thoughts. The reason was simple, I had never learnt photography from anyone or from books. I am a computer engineer, so my logics are strong. I learnt photography by instinct and I was not that dark-room photographer who developed his own prints. I thought it was better to upgrade to a new digital camera even if it was a point and shoot. The cost of rolls and printing was going overhead for me anywayz.

I got my first Canon A410 after saving a great deal of money and started shooting. The first advantage I realized of a digital camera was shoot as much as you like. You learn photography better here because you are not worrying about loosing a frame, click as many as you want, make mistakes, experiment and reach to the final conclusion. I started getting addicted to the digital cameras. As it was not an SLR I couldn’t technically do as much with it. I finally decided to sell my Analog SLR because I was not using it at all. That would have at least help me fund my future target a Canon S3 IS.

Now I will talk in Indian rupees here. I had bought the camera for 9,500 Rupees. When I decided to sell it, a new camera of the same make was available for 7,000 on Ebay and other shops. I was wondering where would I find a good customer for the camera. For a used one I would have got maximum 5000 rupees. An idea struck me. I knew that, there were many people who were not aware of ebay or shops where you actually get the cameras in a very low price. Most people buy cameras from a company store, a mall or some photography related shop. One always gets the best price at the distributors. I post an advertisement in some photography related communities.

There was quite much bidding going on in here. Finally I declared in the community that I am willing to sell them the camera for 8500 rupees and will give it to any person who comes to me and gives me the cash. I am not going to wait for anyone’s decisions. I got 4 frantic calls the next day, asking me to meet them so they could check the camera and buy it immediately. The first person who came to me was a photographer who already was shooting digital but wanted to experiment with analog. I checked the camera and immediately paid me. I asked him, what was the hurry? What was the price for the new camera in the market?

He told me that the price was 11,000. And he found my camera worth more than 8,500 because it was as good as new due to good handling.



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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