Software for Contributors?

Uploading pictures, editing them, submitting them is a huge job. If photography is taking one hour for a subject, uploading that photography takes double or more time considering the post editing aspects of a contributor here.

If there are any software developers among the contributors or regular buyers also, why not develop a software for DT contributors to make the contribution process more easier and maybe even when offline. Like editing all the data, selection of categories and things like that and then upload it to the website using the same software. It can be done of course if DT is going to authenticate them considering some rules about uploading images, categories, limit of keywords and more technical things which we might not know about.

Another software which will be useful is a widget. Which can track your uploads, approved pictures, statistics, comments, things like that and refresh itself every 15 minutes when online. It will help a lot for keeping track of things in a single console. I am already using this service from another microstock website and I find it extremely handy and time saving.

What do you guys think?



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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August 25, 2007


Thats exactly what I meant. I am not suggesting a single software for multiple sites(There is a already one existing which has been discussed in a forum). Many other sites already provide API. Where DT can be different is have an inhouse development of such a software and if not, giving some API's

August 24, 2007


I've been thinking about this for a long time. The problem is that every microstock agency has their own categories, keyword rules, additional data, etc. and I was trying to come up with something generic or easily expandable. An ideal solution would be some kind of plugin for Adobe Lightroom, but they don't have any API or SDK yet.
Perhaps I will start with dedicated apps for DT and others and then see if I can combine them into something more solid.
I appreciate it if you guys can give me more advice in terms of functionality. Should it be only sort of uploader tool or does it have to have its own database to remember all your previous uploads, keywords, categories, etc? Any other ideas/suggestions/requests?

August 24, 2007


Well, to do it properly DT have to provide some kind of API for developers... Otherwise this software could possible break terms of use of this site.

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