Solar Cooking

We just bought two solar ovens, and we love then.

In one good really sunny day we can cook enough meals for our family of 10 for three days and them we make three gallons of tea as well.

So now we only cook every third day if the weather is SUNNY.

This got me to thinking about posting some photos of our ovens and meals cooking. But first i did a search and found only two other solar cooking photos. So I guess i found one of those rare subjects that needs files to be uploaded.

© Falk66

Photo credits: Falk66, Ginasanders.


cooking solar

Your article must be written in English



Very interesting! I saw on Google's blog that they used a solar cooker to burn a CD literally: see here


Wow, I didn't even know about solar cooking! What a clever idea! :0) Thanks for sharing.

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