On the sole photographer

I in the national tax 15%

I want to become a photographer, I put the sole as my life goal.

My question is

The photographer's sole 0.2 $earnings. In tax category?

0.2 $need pay taxes?

I am japan,my English is not very good.

Photo credits: Yaweisang.


good not

Your article must be written in English





Where do you live in Japan? I live in Okinawa and speak Japanese.



when you bring money from out side of the country you don't play any tax. which is what you are doing. From DT( US) to you (Japan)
if you make money with that money, then only you pay tax on the profit.


Depends on Japans tax laws and how much you earn elsewhere. Of course it also depends how much you make from stock, also if you choose to declare it as income as you should. You need to make at least $100 before you can get your hands on it on here also, even if you then pay tax you still get $85.

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