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Some of you are probably print or web designers as well as photographers. I am a graphic designer and I would like to share some of my (funny) experience with stock photos and customers.

This was some4 years ago.

The client comes and says he wants to order some printed materials for the job he does. He knows exactly what he wants.

So far so good.

Here it is:

He wants a picture of smiling Santa, who is climbing down a building with a rope and enters an opened window. Inside the building, near the window are standing smiling father holding his smiling child. They both are looking at Santa while Santa gives a present to the girl.

( he works as one of those man that do thermal insulation of buildings and during Christmas time he dresses like Santa and offers to climb down your building and give presents to your children)

oh, and he needs it FAST

No problem.

I start the job. Ask him if he can come tommorrow to see the flyer. He looks surprised - "Tommorrow.So much time?"

I explain that I need to find the right photo (or in that case - photos) and make a collage.If not - he can dress up like Santa and climb the next building, knock on someone's window and give them a present and I"ll take a picture of him.

"OK. See U tommorrow "

I find 4 different photos (five because of the rope), download comps, and do the job.

© Inspe

(these are NOT the same pictures)

The time comes and my client is very happy to see the result. It looks just the way I imagined it. WOOW! The customer I dreamed of...


He asks how much to print him 20 copies. I tell him the price and add the prise of the photos plus the price for my work. He is surprised again: "You mean you want money for things your COMPUTER did with pictures from the INTERNET? I download pictures from google everyday.My daughter makes wonderful collages on the internet!"

I'm speechless... want to hang myself on that rope :)

Photo credits: Aleksandr Frolov, Ann Cantelow, Guy Shapira, Kaycone, Steve Mann.

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January 30, 2010


Oh, I have few stories...:)

January 29, 2010


great blog, for moment I was in flash back remembering my difficult clients.

January 29, 2010


Elitsa let's make a book?! :P

January 29, 2010


Oh I had that also Susan :))

January 28, 2010


LOL!! Wait until they ask you to show them how you do it.....

January 28, 2010


Oh yeah :)))
Another funny one who said when the site get sponsors he would pay!
"I didn't find it that funny on that time though!"
Have you got any like this? :))

January 28, 2010


Eli, you and Maen should really write a book! I would suggest you a title: "MORE GREEN on the brown" as his last client has said! :))

January 28, 2010


Maen, I've heard the same :"We came to you, because you are so good at what you do, and you do it for so short time, so we pay you less because it didn't take you so much of your time. Besides, it the thing you DO, right, you're just, like, born with this ability, so it's reasonable not to pay you at all"

January 28, 2010


Ha - reminds me of a client who wanted, for a CD cover, a picture of Big Ben on New Years Eve with fireworks exploding over the River Thames in the background and to then superimpose the musician's face/body on the side of Big Ben, along with other additional graphics. They just couldn't understand why they had to pay to use the stock images (five were needed).......and then couldn't understand why they were also charged for the time spent actually finding suitable images that fit their brief (which took almost half a day). Oh, and they wanted it turned around in no more than 48 hours, and then complained about the invoice and asked for a discount!

January 27, 2010



January 27, 2010


OMG that was even more strange than the ones I have sometimes :))
I can write a book with that! Sure I can add your story :)))
Some of my clients say hey that should be for free because it's a piece of cake for you to do!... WTH?!?!!!!
Cheers ;)

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